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Our Story

Jack sofer, our founder has worked really hard in the initial stage of his career, though self-doubt nagged him in the beginning after a continuous struggle, he was able to position the company to the pioneers of a multi-million-dollar company in the United States.

After all his efforts, today our company has become a balance of modernity and manufacturing. Modernity comes through the variety of products, which enable our clients to shop confidently. Whereas, the variety of products we offer reflects the manufacturing capabilities of our company.

We deal with multiple brands, which makes it easy for our customers to find any product of their choice under one umbrella.

Today our company is successful in manufacturing its own products which falls in the niche of home office equipment’s, kitchen and bathroom accessories, toys, ecofriendly products, Smart home devices and much more.

Over these years the company has turned into a multi-million-dollar company from a small association dealing in the import and selling of goods. We had in the past years over 30 million dollars in sales and we are not just done with this, as we aim high.
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