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Jack H. Sofer In 2015 by founding Mega Invents

Our Story

Being an entrepreneur was always the dream of Jack Sofer, CEO. While growing up, his mind was always focused on transforming whatever he pursued to be "Mega" as he refers to bigger and better. 


Though self-doubt nagged him in the initial stages of his career, after a continuous struggle and following his passion, Jack was able to position the company to the pioneers of a multi-million-dollar company proudly based in the United States.


After all his efforts and hard work, today our company has become a balance of modernity and manufacturing. Modernity comes through the new variety of products, which enable our clients to shop confidently. Whereas, the variety of products we offer reflects the manufacturing capabilities of our company. We deal with multiple brands, which makes it easy for our customers to find any product of their choice under one umbrella company that they trust.


Today our company is successful in manufacturing its own products which fall in the niche of home office equipment; kitchen and bathroom accessories; toys; eco-friendly products; Smart home devices and much more.


Over the years, the company has grown into a multi-million-dollar company from a small association dealing with importing and selling of goods. We had in the past years over 30 million dollars in sales and we are continuing to become more "mega" every day as we aim high.

Our Trusted Partners

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Our Vision

Mega Invents Since 2015

8 years ago, Our founder, Jack Sofer opened a company named “Mega Invents” which is today a well-known multi-million-dollar company in the United States, selling products all around the world.


Our company provides immediate and easy access to hundreds of products in more than 10+ categories and delivers more than millions of packages every month all across the world.

“Mega Invents”, the company was always rooted but possessed an ambitious spirit. Ever-changing, evolving and expanding.  Over these years the company has turned into a multi-million-dollar company from a small association dealing in the import and selling of goods. We had in the past years over 30+ million dollars in sales and we are not just done with this, as we aim high.

Our company has a broad partnership with the world's largest marketplaces including Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, Overstock, eBay, and ETSY. 

Our mission is to make it easy for our generation to access the best and greatest

Glass Buildings
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Jack H. Sofer



Sury Klien

Logistic Manager

Meet Our Team

Rose Sofer


David Gross


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Morten Berkowitz



Ave Liptsitz

Graphic Desiner


Dov Stark



Dave Spitzer

Account Manager


Lisa Robinson

Customer Manager 


Raquel Green

Sales Manager

One of our state-of-the-art huge mega 600 hundred thousand square feet warehouses in the United States!

We strive to make our customers happy, therefore we have a few different warehouses in the United States so that we can guarantee a fast and convenient shipping process.

Contact Us

285 Fulton Street, New York, NY 10007  |  Tel: (855) 500 6721

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